Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A New Addition

Some of you might be wondering where in the heck I've been, why the pictures I promised of the rest of the apartment haven't been posted, and what exactly I've been doing with all of my free time since the last post here was, sadly, over a month ago.

Here's the reason why! (Well, not the entire reason, but a big part of it - and how could you possibly be mad at that face!?) The last 6-months have been filled with incredible highs, and remarkable lows. My life has changed in ways that I never expected. I lost my best friend, (Abby the Golden Retriever) and I chose to make a change ending a relationship that I had invested 8.5 years in. It came with a shift in place, things, community, routine; and it forced me to take note of, and to understand the value and the struggle that comes with being, and living, alone.

When I was working on the main living spaces of the apartment, I didn't recognize how significant my life changes were. I was consumed with making a beautiful home. At the end of the work day, I would shop, or primp, paint, or sew, hang things, rearrange things, designate homes for new finds, old finds, and everything in between. Before I even knew it, it was midnight, and pulling back the sheets on a new bed in a new place just didn't seem so strange.
Fast forward 6-months, an apartment mostly finished, and a life that is less focused on tasks at the end of work day, and pulling back the sheets on that same bed, in the same place, is labored and forced to be intentional. The silence, is almost deafening. And while the changes I've made in my life are some of the best and most well planned and thought out I've ever accomplished, the idea of living alone was far more fantastical than the practice.

I knew it was time to introduce someone into my life, more animated than Leo. So, I made the decision to invest in a friend. I knew that getting a dog would be on my list of things to do. I did not expect, however, to make a home for one here. Primarily, because it meant a move, and the slow-motion, often disastrous act of moving, no matter where you're going, is never fun.

So, once I knew this little fella was destined to be my new partner in crime, I put all apartment changes and finishes on hold, until I find a new place to call home. Once I have a better handle on what that means - whether it be continuing on here with necessary changes - or moving to a different place ... I'll get you all filled in on the décor. That is, after all, the point of a decorating blog, right?

Talk soon!

Friday, April 24, 2015

And the winner is ...

Thank you to everyone who left a comment and went over to visit the UNICEF Market by Novica.
Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Picture is Worth ...

"Leo" in the Pied-à-terre
One of the first things that I bought for the new apartment was this Scandanavian Pine armoire. I fell in love with the rugged and yet luxurious look of it at first sight, and drove 13-hours round trip to call it mine. It's still probably my favorite piece of furniture in the whole place.
I found these mouton leg stools at an antique shop in Salamanca, New York and made the slipcovers myself. The seagrass and zebra are from my old house, as is the French chair that acts as part additional seating, part library.
I painted all of the doors in the apartment black, a contrast that I thought was absolutely necessary. Bamboo roman shades are hung over the existing mini-blinds, which I can not take down. But I bet you'd never know they're there!

The lamps and sofa are from the old house, but the chairs, mirrored nesting coffee table(s), and art by the wildly talented Dianne Ballard are all new. I've thought long and hard about adding pattern to this space, along with color ... but after having lived with so much color in the old place this is incredibly refreshing.
Next up, the bedroom. Soon, I promise!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Giveaway Day!

Wheeew! I know, it's been a while since I've checked in - but there are all sorts of things happening around this neck of the woods that have just kept me from finding time to sit down and share anything worthwhile.

Until, today! In fact, today - I have something REALLY worthwhile. I've blogged about Novica before, and have offered giveaways with them before, and you always really love it. So, when they asked if I'd be willing to do another giveaway, I jumped at the opportunity.

Novica has partnered with UNICEF to create the new UNICEF Market. Most of the products on the site are the Novica products that you've come to know and love, but when ordering through this new website, you directly and positively impact the lives of children through UNICEF's global programs.

As you may or may not know, Novica is all about creating an online global marketplace of real artists, creating a viable, sustainable, and healthy business for individuals living in areas where opening up a store on the corner isn't as easy as it is here. Now, when you order these beautiful, handmade goods, not only will you help Novica artists, you'll be helping children around the world!

I did a little peeking through the website myself in preparation for this post. Wondering if I could limit myself to just a few things I'd love to have if I were to be the lucky winner of a $50 STORE CREDIT to UNICEF Market by Novica. Yep, that's right! $50 bucks!

How cute is this for summer entertaining? Made in Mexico, these glass water tumblers and pitcher would be a great addition to any current dinnerware set for summer entertaining! What a great little set for margaritas! (I'm just saying!)
The website is great for sorting through your different needs when shopping. I love browsing around the Home Décor category, you never come up short! And you can shop by artist, price, or type of home décor you're looking for, like vases, for instance.

I must be in a blue sort of mood, because I love this collection of three bud vases made in Thailand. Maybe because I feel like they'd pepper well into my growing collection of blue and white porcelain, maybe just because I like blue, or perhaps because they're just so darn cute!
One of the things that I also love about the site is that there's SO MUCH STUFF to choose from. Home Décor is obviously something I am interested in, but they also have clothing, jewelry, and even greeting cards! 


It's always nice to have a set of fantastic cards that are blank on the inside! When you need to write a thank you note, a get well card, remind someone to have a nice day, even for birthdays and anniversaries - you can never go wrong with a blank card and your most honest and sincere, kind words. These cards (a set of 12) of ancient door ways are so inexpensive, and so beautiful - you might be able to just sign the inside and call it a day! And, if you're looking for an inexpensive option for creative art, you could frame the doorway cards! Photos were taken from doors in Kasbah, Morocco; Paris, France; Jaisalmer, India; and Mombasa, Kenya.
So, what do you have to do? Well, you need to head over to the UNICEF Market and take a stroll through the store. Come back here and leave your name and what you'd be buying with your $50 store credit (just because I'm nosy!) and I'll draw a name by Random Number Generator on Friday, April 24th!
The winner will have until June to use the store credit! Good luck!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Ohio State Reformatory

This weekend I spent some time in Ohio, and had an amazing time. I visited lots of great art galleries, (bought a wonderful piece) furniture stores, antique stores, (bought some chairs I'm super excited to show you!) and the highlight of the exploration side of the trip, the Ohio State Reformatory.

The Reformatory is probably most widely recognized as the filming location for the movie The Shawshank Redemption, but it was also used in several other films including Air Force One. Built between the years of 1886 and 1910, the historic prison is a stunning example of architecture conceived by noted Cleveland architect, Levi T. Scofield. Scofield, inspired by European castles and the nobility and gentility of that era, designed the sprawling reformatory in an effort to encourage inmates to be inspired by their surroundings, thereby correcting their egregious behaviors. The superbly landscaped grounds, Richardsonian Romanesque architecture, and general scale and footprint of the building in the middle of the Ohio plains was something of a marvel at the time it was constructed. People would come from far and wide to picnic on the lawn of the prison, and tour the scenic landscape.

Hard to believe having lunch in the prison yard would be fondly approached!

The reformatory closed in 1990, and a new prison was built behind it. Luckily, saved from being torn down by the notoriety it received after The Shawshank Redemption filmed there, it now is owned and operated by a curatorial 501C3 not for profit with goals of restoring the space to its former condition one room at a time.

I was able to grab some pretty good shots of this stunning place with my iPhone, and I can't wait to go back sometime in the warmer months with my actual camera, and maybe take part in one of their overnight ghost hunts!



If you're looking to make a trip, you can find more information on the website about hours of operations, ghost tours, special functions, and directions.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Picture is Worth ...

The Pied-à-terre
A quick little shot taken with my iphone this morning. I'm still looking for pillows, but there have been a few new additions. The ballet tie slipcovers are done for the mouton leg ottomans, the Trader Joe's orchid looks happy in its new home, and the Hollywood Regency candle sconce has found a happy wall to live.